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13A Sockets

Knightsbridge 13A double poled sockets with traditional square edge finish.

Order Code Description
order code: ST9001 13A 2G DP Switched Socket- 12mm
order code: ST9002 13A 2G DP Switched Socket - 9.5mm
order code: ST7000 13A 1G DP Switched Socket

Unswitched sockets

Knightsbridge unswitched sockets. Regular 13A 1G and 2G options as well as 5A round pin option for lighting solutions.

Order Code Description
order code: ST9000U 13A 2G Unswitched Socket
order code: ST7000U 13A 1G Unswitched Socket
order code: ST5U 5A Round Pin Unswitched Socket

Dual voltage shaver socket

Knightsbridge dual voltage shaver socket with built in neon (activates when appliance is plugged in)

Order Code Description
order code: ST8900 115/230V Dual Voltage Shaver Socket with Neon