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TV outlets

Kngihtsbridge TV outlets are available in isolated and un-isolated options. Isolated models block return signals and are best used in installs where a communal dish or aerial is being used. Whilst un-isolated models are the standard version for most homes with their own reception feed.

Order Code Description
order code: ST0100 1G TV Outlet (unisolated)
order code: ST0110 1G Twin TV Outlet (unisolated)
order code: ST0120 1G TV Socket (isolated)
order code: ST0140 1G TV & SAT Outlet (isolated)

Telephone outlets

Knightsbridge telephone sockets are available in extension and master formats. They have IDC terminals.

Order Code Description
order code: 7300 Flush telephone master socket (IDC)
order code: 7400 Flush telephone extension socket (IDC)