Emergency LED KIT Kit for Constant Current LED/SMD 23W/50W


A universal emergency pack for use with all Constant Current driven DC LED (MLA) luminaire . 23-50w for maintained and non-maintained use. Suitable for MLA products:- LEDPAN2, PL23LED, MRBLED, MRBLED6, LEDPAN38


Unit Barcode 5055559187646
Inner Carton Quantity 1
Inner Carton Barcode 5055559187646
Outer Carton Quantity 12
Outer Carton Weight 26.00 Kg
Outer Carton Length 6.5 cm
Outer Carton Width 38 cm
Outer Carton Height 21 cm
Outer Carton Volume 0.005200 m3
Outer Carton Barcode 5055832943389
Primary Voltage 230 V
Lamp Included No
Dimmable No
Warranty 3 Yr
Commodity Code 9405500090