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Tools and Test Equipment

The Knightsbridge tools and test equipment section contains a wide range of testers and meters, along with essential tools.


Bi-metal Holesaws

With 4/6 TPI bi-metal variable teeth these holesaws are suitable for cutting steel, stainless steel, die cast metals, hardwood floors, plywood and plastics. All have a cutting depth of 38mm.

order code: HS20MM 20mm Bi-metal holesaw
order code: HS25MM 25mm Bi-metal Holesaw
order code: HS32MM 32mm Bi-metal Holesaw
order code: HS38MM 38mm Bi-metal Holesaw
order code: HS51MM 51mm Bi-metal Holesaw
order code: HS60MM 60mm Bi-metal Holesaw
order code: HS65MM 65mm Bi-metal Holesaw
order code: HS70MM 70mm Bi-metal Holesaw
order code: HS72MM 72mm Bi-metal Holesaw
order code: HS75MM 75mm Bi-metal Holesaw
order code: HS80MM 80mm Bi-metal Holesaw
order code: HS85MM 85mm Bi-metal Holesaw
order code: HS90MM 90mm Bi-metal Holesaw

Holesaw accessories

A4 and A2 size arbors suitable for use with Knightsbridge holesaws and other compatible models. Comes complete with pilot drill bit. Spare packs of pilot drill bits also available.

Holesaw Accessories
order code: HSARBORS A4 Size Arbor with Pilot Drill Bit
order code: HSARBORL A2 Size Arbor with Pilot Drill Bit
order code: HSPILOTDB5 Pack of 5 Arbor Drill Bits 6.35mm x 75mm
Test Equipment

Voltage Detection and Testing

Voltage detection and testing tools. The 2 pole voltage tester is IP64 rated with a clear LCD display on the TE1 model. The TE3 socket tester provides an easy way to identify 6 of the most common wiring errors. Our non contact voltage tester is an essential tool for identifying live circuits.

order code: TE1 IP64 CAT III 2-Pole Tester with LED and LCD Display
order code: TE2 IP64 CAT III 2-Pole Tester with LED Display
order code: TE3 BS 1363 Socket Tester
order code: TE4 CAT IV Non-Contact Voltage Detector

Environmental Meters

Range of meters designed to measure various environmental statuses from temperature to moisture detection to Lux output.

order code: TE5 Digital Lux Meter


Essential tools used in structured cabling environments.

order code: LJ5002 Professional IDC tool
order code: XT901BX Structured Wiring Data and Network Installation Tool Kit
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