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LED Flex tailored to your needs

The bespoke LED strip cutting service from Knightsbridge.

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Please note: You must be logged in to order via the Flex-Cut service if you are an existing customer, please log in before using Flex-Cut. Non-customers can still use the service, and may find it useful for finding relevant Knightsbridge LED Flex products, but will not be provided costs or the option to order their configuration.

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How It Works

Buying LED Flex has never been simpler our FLEX-CUT tool will take you through these easy steps

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Pick Your Ip Rating

Select the level of water protection you need for the job

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Pick Your Colour

Select the colour of the light output you require we offer a huge range of lighting options

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Tailor Your Led Flex

Specify your desired cable and flex strip length

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Select Your Setup

Add any required drivers, controllers, and aluminium profiles to your order

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Review and place your order

About Led Flex Lighting

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Highly Versatile

Our LED Flex range is extremely versatile and adaptable, with a huge array of different lighting colours and outputs, including colour-changing, high lumen and IP65 options. Whatever the application, we’re sure to have the perfect fit!

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Ambient Lighting Effects

Create stunning ambient lighting effects anywhere indoors or outdoors, with subtle tones that can complement any space. LED Flex can be particularly effective for illuminating under-cabinet spaces in kitchens, as shown in this image, but the possibilities are endless!

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Remote Control

Our range of LED Flex lighting can be controlled remotely, either by a remote control or (when installed with our Smart LEDFWIFI Controller) via the SmartKnight App on your smartphone. The SmartKnight app enables scene control, geo-fencing, and other creative and convenient ways to control your lighting.

Read more about SmartKnight.

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